Fine Motor

Adapted from the American Academy of Pediatrics
These milestones generally represent the mean (or average) age of performance of these skills.  That does not mean that every child will be performing these skills at this age; some will do so earlier and some later.

Teaching Your Child to Use Scissors:  a video on the importance of using scissors and the proper way to hold them.  Very helpful!

Snowflake Finger Puppets: a cut and paste activity, including a song

OT Mom has some great ideas for improving fine motor skills and developing hand dominance at home!

Some Great Ideas for Play-Doh:

  • Roll dough into snakes
  • Flatten dough into pizza (make sure to add your favorite toppings!)
  • Use plastic knives to cut into smaller pieces (with supervision, of course)
  • Practice cutting by using scissors to cut the dough

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