Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Relaxation Bottles

Today, the preschoolers made relaxation bottles!   They were presented to the kids as bottles to use when they are angry or upset.  They should shake the bottle until they are no longer angry, then set it down and watch the glitter fall - it should be a calming visual tool (try it!).  When the glitter has settled to the bottom of the bottle, it is time to rejoin the activity/group/etc (approximately 3 minutes).  There is one available in the preschool room, but the children wanted one to take home!

First, they peeled the labels off their bottles.  They then picked what color they wanted their bottle to be.  Using both hands, they squeezed the glittery water into their bottles.

Then they used their fingers to "pinch and sprinkle" some additional (and different colored!) glitter into their bottles.  There was as much glitter on us as in the bottles!

Great job!

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